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*Any photos or testimonials seen on this website are people’s personal experiences and should not be taken as specific claims for the PronoKal Weight Loss Programme. Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

Cases of Study

Student Loses 4 Stone with PronoKal
When Laia Bonet moved to the UK for a study year she decided to take up the challenge of losing weight. After a recommendation from a friend, she decided that the PronoKal Method for weight loss was the right diet for her. In the following interview, Laia describes her experience with the PronoKal Method.
Interview with Laia Bonet:
“It changed my life! I love everyone at the PronoKal team: my doctor, the dietitian, the coach and the personal trainer. Words cannot describe the improvements in every aspect of my life, even in the smallest details, like looking in the mirror or being confident when meeting people”.

“In the first month I lost one stone. At the end of the 4th month I was 3 stone lighter. The final stone came off at month 6”.

“The team at PronoKal explained several times that changing habits was the key to my success. It took me a while but now every cell of my body knows that it is true”.

“When you see your body responding so well to the PronoKal Method, your self-esteem grows and this helps and motivates you to continue looking after yourself”.

Disclaimer: The results obtained by people telling their stories here may not apply to you, as the rate of weight loss depends fundamentally (but not exclusively) on the individual´s metabolic rate (energy expenditure) and compliance to the diet plan. The PronoKal doctor assigned to you and the rest of the team (dietitian, personal trainer and life coach) will monitor your progress closely to get the best possible results.
Interview with George (lost 60 kilos with PronoKal®)

PronoKal® Support

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